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Typical Clients

Clients come to MBS Language Training with a wide range of language needs. Here are some examples:

Courses for Business

I need better language skills for work. I want to be able to communicate with my suppliers or customers. I want to improve my chances of promotion or working abroad.
My firm wants us to be more effective at selling abroad.
I am re-locating abroad with my family.

Courses for Pleasure

I’ve got a family member who comes from abroad and I would like to be able to talk to them more.
I’m marrying someone whose first language isn’t English.
I’m thinking of buying a house abroad or even moving abroad. I want to enjoy life to the full there and get to know my neighbours.
I want to get more out of my holidays abroad. I want to improve my Holiday French/Spanish/Italian so I’m as good as my children!
I want to learn a language for fun. I’d like to join a group of similar people for general conversation.
I’m planning a gap year abroad and I need to learn survival language in case I have any problems.

English Courses

English isn’t my first language. I want to improve the level of my English so that I can get a better job.
My employees need to improve their English language skills so that they can provide better customer service.
I live abroad and I want to do an intensive Business English course in Hampshire. I’m particularly interested in presentation and negotiating skills. I want to find out more about life in England, too.

Courses for examinations

I’m a student taking GCSEs or A Levels in French or German or Spanish or Italian. I need some extra coaching to help build my confidence so I can get better grades.

What to do next

If you think we can help with your language needs, why not call us or send us an email? We’ll listen carefully to you and then give you some friendly advice about the right course to choose.

We can also send you a questionnaire which will help us identify your language needs. Then we can discuss what you want from your tailor-made course.

How much will a course cost?

Conversation groups in North Dorset
£50 for 5 sessions

Cancellation charges apply.

Bespoke language training sessions for individuals or groups
From £35 per hour
Additional costs: travel @ 40p per mile and learner’s books and materials

Cancellation charges apply.

Skype lessons or conversation sessions: £25 per hour

When and where can you learn?

You can choose when you would like to learn: daytime, evenings or weekends. You might even prefer to learn by Skype.

You can choose whether you want us to come to your workplace or home or whether you prefer to come to our offices.

What happens then?

We will arrange the first language training session at a time and place to suit you and your tutor. We will follow that session with a call to ensure that everything is going smoothly. If you need to re-arrange the time or date of a session with your tutor, that is not a problem.

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